There are wines for all the occassions of the year to combine with any sort of dish, for each budget and taste. There are white, red, white, sweet and sparkling ones. Also, inside every kind, there are full or light-bodied wines, youthful or old, exceptionally dry, with no sugar by any means, and the sweet ones. There are wines with just a little percent of liquor and different ones with more than 30%. There are wines that are produced using unripe grapes and even some produced using practically dry raisins. The are interminable possibilites and there is dependably a sort of wine appropriate for each event.


Conditions can impact our valuation for a decent drink. Our perspective, the people who you drink with, the room temperature, the music, the lighting, the aesthetics of the place, the season, everything that was inebriated before and that we plan to drink after.


Champagnes are made from two grapes named Pinot Noir which adds fullness and richness and Chardonnay which is elegant and light. It has a crisp acidity unless it’s made to be sweet. It tastes very well paired with oyster, caviar, chicken and lobster.

Red Burgundy

This is a medium-bodied, elegant wine with flavors and aromas of raspberries, black cherries and strawberries. It offers light, subtle tannins and acidity for balance. It tastes best when paired with seafood like fish such as tuna and salmon, light meat like turkey, duck, turkey, veal and pork, and for sauce, a rich cream or acidic sauces. This is very fitting for Thanksgiving dinner.


It’s full-flavored and a very rich white wine. Those from Europe tend to be less full and oaky than those made from America. You can taste vanilla, butter and apple on it. This goes well with dishes with full-flavors which have been roasted, grilled or sautéed. It also goes well with cool-weather and upscale meals.


These wines are made primarily from Sangiovese grapes and come in two styles: The Chianti – which is a medium-bodied red wine with zippy acidity, cherry flavors slightly tannic background. The other one, the Riserva Chianti is similar but it’s fuller-bodied, higher in tannin and has herbs and raspberries flavors. It goes well with pastas in lasagna, tomato sauce, roast beef and meatballs and meatballs among others because it has bright acidity.


It has had brandy added to it so it results to a sweet wine. The type of Vintage that has the richest flavor is the Vintage one. It’s the wine for the grown-ups. It contains lotts of fruit balanced by alcohol and silky tannins. Port is generally served as an after dinner drink. Its rich sweet flavor is generally a good companion to chocolate or the powerful flavors of blue cheese. It also goes well with cigars.

Savignon Blanc

This wine makes a light-flavored, crisp white wine. Common flavors people taste frsh grass, lemon and grapefruit.  This is Chardonnay’s leaner cousin. It goes very well with acidic dishes, sautéed foods and also vegetables that are raw. And because of its crisp flavor, it’s best to drink during warm temperatures.

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